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Fall River Health Services, Physical Therapist (PT), Ashean Bacon.
Fall River Health Services, Physical Therapist (PT), Ashean Bacon.

Bacon Becomes Therapeutic Pain Specialist Certification

Fall River Health Services, Physical Therapist (PT), Ashean Bacon, has elaborated on her Therapeutic Pain Specialist Certification.

Certification Process:
Therapeutic Pain Specialists have specialized training in understanding the science behind Chronic Pain. They are biopsychosocial healthcare providers taking aim in the current situation of chronic opioid abuse in the country.
Therapeutic Pain Specialists are skilled in the integration of pain neuroscience education, graded motor imagery, neural mobilization, clinical reasoning and practicing evidence-based medicine, pacing and behavioral change to help patients with Chronic Pain.

How it will impact the department at FRHS:
Therapeutic Pain Specialist will offer a new and a different approach that will help to educate patient on how pain works and teach them how to deal with their pain to take back the control of their life.
A few key bullet points on what it took to accomplish this:
*The length of the certification is 6 months
*Curriculum includes a Capstone Project and 10 courses that compromises of topic coursework and core coursework
*Course structure includes an online self-paced lectures, faculty-led lectures, virtual lab, practical exams, quizzes, assignments, board/video and synch calls discussions.

Why Bacon chose to obtain this special certification:
I realized that one of the biggest problem most people facing is chronic pain. Many of my patient with chronic pain have tried many treatments, heard many explanations and loss all hope. Persistent pain leads to immense suffering physically, emotionally, mentally and no matter what the circumstances is, chronic pain completely changes someone's life. On top of that, the opioid epidemic in the country is a direct result of a pain problem.
As I considered all these problems, I become very passionate about helping this population. This certification has made me more emphatic and helped me to understand how to treat the whole person and not just a body part. It has helped me to slow down and really contemplate on how I can help each patient individually.
TPS has drastically change the way I treat patients with persistent pain. My focus now is to help patients with chronic pain to gain control of their life to make their situation better.

For more information, please contact Ashean in the Therapy Depatment at 605.745.8920.


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