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Activity Assistant
The Activities Assistant assists in the development, organization and implementation of the services of the Activity Department to ensure appropriate programs and activities are provided to meet the needs and interests of the residents. The Activity Assistant must be able to carry out assigned duties on a daily basis. Immediate action is required when adverse resident conditions occur; that is contacting the appropriate people, and providing assistance according to established procedure.


• Education/Experience: High school diploma or equivalent.

1. Assist Activity Director in assessing residents and developing individual programs to encourage residents to maintain health, active lifestyles of their own choosing.

2. Assist Activity Director in developing enriching, well-balanced activities in which the individual needs and interests of the resident can be met. This includes development of the monthly activities schedule, publication, and distribution of the same. The Activity Assistant is also responsible for posting the daily activity schedule in the residential living areas in a timely manner. Weekend activities will be posted on Friday evenings.

3. The Activity Assistant is responsible for implementing the activities schedule in an inviting manner
a. One-half hour prior to each scheduled activity, the Activity Assistant will announce the activity on the PA system.
b. While residents do have the option of refusing an activity, the approach will be that of an expected participation and that resident will be missing out if he/she refuses. If the resident then refuses, this decision will be respected.
c. If it is known prior to the activity that certain residents will be involved, nursing staff should be notified at the beginning of the shift so that residents will be available whenever possible (medical needs will always have priority).
d. Assist residents in getting to scheduled events, and in returning to the residential areas after the activities are complete.
e. Develop and lead small, medium and large group activities.

4. The Activity Assistant will keep daily record of attendance of all scheduled activities, both groups and individual activities. Monthly forms will be ready to start two working days prior to the beginning of the month. Thank you notes will be sent to volunteers within one week of the volunteer service.

5. The Activity Assistant will follow all infection control and safety criteria.

6. The Activity Assistant may be recruited on occasion to assist with feeding residents meals.

7. This position works with volunteers, assisting in the work direction of volunteers as needed.

In addition to the responsibilities described above, the role may include other responsibilities and duties as assigned on occasion, based upon FRHS Seven Sisters Assisted Living needs or requirements.

Additional Information
Position Type : Full Time
Shift : Day

Contact Information
Phone: 605-745-3159 ext 2329

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