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Introducing Fall River Health Services

Dr. Brian Wilson D.O., Board Certified Psychiatrist, Board Certified Child Psychiatrist, and Chief Medical Officer
Picture of smiling Dr. Brian Wilson D.O., Board Certified Psychiatrist, Board Certified Child Psychiatrist, and Chief Medical Officer

When it comes to quality health care, many believe the only good choices lie within larger towns and cities. Fall River Health Services is striving to show the Southern Black Hills that medical excellence can be found nearby. Fall River Health Services is a small independent hospital, clinic, and nursing home. They believe that it is because of their smaller facility that they are able to provide better care to their patients.

Dr. Brian Wilson D.O., Board Certified Psychiatrist, Board Certified Child Psychiatrist at Fall River Health Services was initially drawn to the facility because of its size. He is not the only one either, according to Dr. Wilson, "we see people travel to Hot Springs all the time because they want that small independent environment." As a smaller facility, Fall River Health Services sees a lot of advantages in caring for their patients. Dr. Wilson states that, "part of what's so great about us is that we are small but offer so much. We are able to work well together and cooperate to tie all aspects of healthcare together so we can treat the whole person. We can just reach out if we want another provider's input, all we have to do is pick up the phone."

Dr. Wilson states that small does not always mean less, "Fall River Health Services offers an amazing range of services that a lot of people don't realize are available. And we can do all that while still offering a personal, private environment, which helps to make people feel comfortable." From the 24-hour emergency services, inpatient hospital service, and surgical service offered by Fall River Hospital, the family medicine and annual visits provided by Fall River Rural Health Clinic, to the in-facility psychiatric care available at Seven Sisters Living Center, the list of services Fall River Health Services can offer is extensive.

In addition to the services already available at Fall River Health Services, they have been working on expanding and doing more. "We've been bringing in several physicians and expanding our outreach to certain specialties. This way we can offer even more locally so people don't have to travel," says Dr. Wilson.

One service that Fall River Health Services offers, that people from all over the region travel to them for, is psychiatry. Dr. Wilson explains, "We're one of the few places that offer child and adolescent psychiatry. We even have a new psychiatrist joining us that has also been trained in this field."

Whether it's providing high quality health care to their local, Southern Black Hills residents or offering a personal and intimate care experience for those who wish to travel there, Fall River Health Services is committed to providing for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of individuals, families, and communities.

For more information on what is provided by Fall River Health Services and to schedule an appointment call 605.745.8910 or visit their website at

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