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Behavioral Health

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Fall River Health Services provides comprehensive behavioral health services that are integrated with its primary care and family medicine services. Our integrated team can help with a variety of mental health problems for all ages. Our clinic consists of a wide range of services that are available for geriatric, adult, adolescent and child patients. Our psychiatrists are also board certified (by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology) in adult and adolescent psychiatry. Our department is very unique and rare actually, in the state of South Dakota, because we are able to provide all these complex services to a full range of patients.

Treatment & Services:

- Anxiety and Mood Problems
- Age-Related Cognitive Testing
- Substance Abuse
- Child and Adolescent Development Concerns
- Psychological Testing
- Autism
- Bereavement Support
- Managing adjustment disorders for folks recently moved into assisted living, or nursing homes
- Managing Neurocognitive disorders, Dementias, TBIs
- Trauma support
- Depression
- Anxiety and other related disorders
- Psychotropic Management
- Compassionate Care
- Tele-Audiology program for Infant Hearing Evaluations
- Telehealth Services and more...

Meet Our Behavioral Health Team:

Brian Wilson, Psychiatrist - University of SD, Sandford School of Medicine

Amy Garrigan, MD

Galen Britain, LCSW-PIP

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