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Community Health Needs Assessment

Dear Community Members,

In the Spring of 2022, Fall River Health Services (FRHS) initiated a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) to collect accurate information illustrating the needs of our community. This assessment, in accordance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, is performed every three years to:
• Classify - identify the essential resources that are already available within our organization,
• Analyze - identify the essential resources to be acquired, and
• Act - determine how to use, develop, or obtain those resources related to community health needs.

The CHNA provided a pulse of the current situation in our community and assisted in identifying key concerns for action. Based on these results, FRHS will remain diligent in our work to strengthen the foundation necessary to build sustainable, improved health and wellness in the communities we serve.

The CHNA and its accompanying Implementation Plan (CHIP), adopted by the FRHS Board of Directors, will strive to contribute to the healthcare solutions in our community. Please click the links below to view the CHNA and CHIP. We welcome your feedback by emailing

2022-2024 FRHS CHIP, Adopted 11-17-2022

2022 FRHS CHNA Report, Adopted 11-17-2022

Thank you for your support!

Fall River Health Services
Board of Directors & Staff

To view past reports click below:

2019 FRHS CHNA Report

2016 FRHS CHNA Report

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