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Family Practice
Christopher J. Robbins, MD 605.745.8928 Physician Info
James V. Woehl, CNP 605.745.8928 Physician Info
Dr. Michael S. Bohlman, M.D., CWS 605745-8910 Physician Info
Jennifer Byer, PA-C, MPAS 605.745.8910 Physician Info
Kelly W. Ryder, D.O. 605.745.8910 Physician Info
Andrea Sterkel, FNP-C 605.745.8910 Physician Info
Betty Thomas, BSN, MSPA, PA-C 605.745.8910 Physician Info
James A. Webb, M.D. 605.745.8910 Physician Info

Dr. Jan Weber, MD 605.745.8928 Physician Info

Dr. Jeffery Marrs, MD 605.745.8910 Physician Info

Dr. Jack Schleiffarth, ENT Physician Info

Sylvia Trotter, DPM 605-745-8910 Physician Info

Dr. Brian Wilson, D.O. 605.745.8928 Physician Info
Tracy Romey, NP 605.745.8910 Physician Info
Dr. Dominick J. Trombetta, M.D. 605.745.8910 Physician Info

James Parker, PhD 605.745.8928 Physician Info


Fall River Health Services is a non-profit corporation of professional team members committed to excellent, quality and patient focused healthcare for the whole person. We provide for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the individual, family, and significant others. We are committed to our patients, employees and our public.