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Fall River Hospital

This is a picture of the Ambulance entrance with a blue and white ambulance sitting in the entrance
Acute Care
Swing Bed
Radiology (X-ray, CT, MRI, Bone Density)
Ultrasound (Vascular, Abdomen, OB/GYN)
Rehabilitation (PT, OT, ST, RT, and Cardio/Pulmonary)
Behavioral Health
Sleep Studies

Our professional hospital team combines science, technical skills, and caring to assure the care provided to each patient is appropriate and of the highest quality to meet the unique needs of our patients and their families. Our vision is to be the medical center of choice for the citizens of Fall River and adjoining counties. We are committed to providing the medical care needed in a setting close to home. The staff are prepared to meet your needs from the unanticipated emergency to discharge.

Critical Access Hospital - Fall River Hospital is one of 38 Critical Access Hospitals in the state of South Dakota. Hot Springs is the only Critical Access Hospital that was developed from the ground up which did not have a current hospital license to convert. This is a feat which speaks of the commitment and desire of our community for primary health services. The purpose of the critical access program in South Dakota is to maintain and improve access to essential health service in rural areas. The hospital is licensed by the state and certified by Medicare and Medicaid.

Medicare Swing Bed Program - Swing Bed is a Medicare-covered program for Medicare beneficiaries who have had a three-day hospital stay and require on-going monitoring and rehabilitative therapy. It is called a "swing" bed because your physician can swing your level of care from acute to skilled nursing care while you remain in the hospital. Should you require acute hospital care again, your Doctor can "swing" your bed back to acute care.

Fall River Hospital is currently a 25-bed medical facility.

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