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Cardiac Pulmonary Rehab / Exercise Physiologist or RN
Cardiac Pulmonary Rehab/Exercise Physiologist or RN

Responsible for the design and implementation of comprehensive programs for patients referred to cardiac/pulmonary rehabilitation. Performs the initial assessment and develops personalized exercise programs for patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes, cardiac (heart) disease or pulmonary (lung) disease as prescribed by the Physician.

Duties include supervising patient exercise sessions to ensure safe and effective treatments, as well as educating patients regarding proper exercise techniques and health fitness topics to facilitate a decrease in participants’ cardiac risk factors, an increase in independence with skills for management of disease and associated symptoms, and an increase in functional capacity.

Requirements: Current licensure in the state of South Dakota, current CPR and ACLS certification & knowledge of cardiac telemetry. Experience in Cardiac Rehab/Pulmonary Rehab preferred.

Contact Information
Human Resources - HR Onboarding Coordinator
Human Resources
Phone: 605-745-8910 ext 2141

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