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Job Posting

(R.T.) Respiratory Therapist, PT/PRN
The practice of respiratory care encompasses activities in diagnostic evaluation, therapy and education of the patient, family and public. These activities are supported by education, research and administration. Diagnostic activities include but are not limited to:
• Acquiring and evaluating clinical data
• Assessing the cardiopulmonary status of patients
• Performing and assisting in the performance of prescribed diagnostic studies, such as obtaining blood gas samples and pulmonary function testing
• Evaluating date to assess the appropriateness of prescribed respiratory care
• Establishing therapeutic goals for patients with cardiopulmonary disease
• Participating in the development and modification of respiratory care plans
• Performing case management of patients with cardiopulmonary and related diseases
• Initiating prescribed respiratory care treatments/evaluations, evaluating and monitoring patient responses to such therapy, and modifying the prescribed therapy to achieve the desired therapeutic objectives
• Providing patient and family education
• Promoting cardiopulmonary wellness, disease prevention and disease management
• Participating in life support activities as required and promoting evidence-based medicine, research and clinical practice guidelines

Required Education: A graduate of an accredited respiratory program.

Experience: Two years critical care, long-term care or home health experience preferred.

Contact Information
Paula Cape - Recruiting / Onboarding Coordinator
Human Resources
1201 South Dakota 71
Hot Springs, SD 57747
Phone: 1-605-745-8910 ext.2141
Fax: 605-745-3957

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