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FRHS Provides Wage Increase

Oct 7, 2021
Beginning immediately, FRHS has announced that it will raise the organization's minimum hourly starting wage to $15.75, which is nearly 67% above the current State minimum wage. Along with the minimum salary increase, FRHS has also approved an annual salary market adjustment for certain positions, which usually occurs in January. These pay increases impact many unique job positions and skilled caregivers who are critical to patient care.

FRHS Physical Therapy Services

Oct 13, 2021
While rural towns like Hot Springs, SD are often lacking in specialty offerings, Fall River Health Services is creating a new standard of care. Among the many specialties offered at the hospital, physical therapy stands out as a service that people of all ages can benefit from. They offer both inpatient and outpatient services, working with babies as well as the elderly folks in the attached nursing home.

Provides General Surgery

Nov 18, 2021
Dr. Patrick J. Kenney, D.O., FACS, is a Board Certified General Surgeon


World AIDS Day

Dec 1, 2021

National Influenza Vaccination Week

Dec 6, 2021

National Influenza Vaccination Week

Dec 10, 2021
Dec. 5-11th is National Influenza Vaccination Week. It is an awareness week focused on highlighting the importance of influenza vaccination.#WeAllFighttheFlu

National Handwashing Awareness Week

Dec 11, 2021
National Handwashing Awareness Week- Dec. 5-11, 2021. The 4 Principles of Hand Awareness: 1. Wash your hands when they are dirty and before eating. 2. DO NOT cough into your hands. 3. DO NOT sneeze into your hands. 4. Above all, DO NOT put your fingers into your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Christmas Eve

Dec 24, 2021

Merry Christmas

Dec 25, 2021
FRHS Rural Health Clinic & Outpatient Services will be closed in honor of the holiday.

New Year's Eve

Dec 31, 2021

Happy New Year

Jan 1, 2022
FRHS Rural Health Clinic & Outpatient Services will be closed in honor of the holiday.
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Fall River Health Services is a non-profit corporation of professional team members committed to excellent, quality and patient focused healthcare for the whole person. We provide for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the individual, family, and significant others. We are committed to our patients, employees and our public.