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Photo of Dr. William J Arban, MD, FAAFP

Dr. William J Arban, MD, FAAFP

Family Practice


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Fall River Health Services


Doctor of Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry-University of South Carolina, Columbia


Residency in Family Medicine-Univ. of Alabama Birmingham


Fellow, American Academy of Family Practice


Dr. William J Arban, MD, FAAFP is board-certified and active family physician having thirty -three years practice experience in most areas of outpatient and inpatient family medicine. In his latest position, he served as a medical staff member in a traditional practice at a hospital in northwestern North Dakota.

Dr. Arban's recent years of family medicine experience were in different parts of US, from GA to AK, SD and ND, caring for families in small communities.

Hobbies include bicycling, ham radio, photography, target archery, marksmanship, geology, hiking, snowshoeing. "I enjoy doing most anything involving tools and gadgets. My wife, the Rev. Mary Arban, and I love touring the Black Hills, Badlands, and Northern Plains states. "All in all, I enjoy caring for families who live in most any small town or rural setting.


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