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We encourage you to contact us using any of the means below:

Fall River Health Services

1201 Highway 71 South
Hot Springs, South Dakota 57747


Main: 605-745-3159 or 605-745-8910

Clinic: 605-745-8928 or 605-745-5491

Rehab: 605-745-8920

Seven Sisters Living Center: 605-745-3460

Contact Us Fax:

Admin: 605-745-7557

Clinic (Family Practice): 605-745-7654

Behavioral Health Clinic: 605-745-4130

Lab: 605-745-8922

Medical Records: 605-745-3957

Pharmacy: 605-745-8923

Radiology: 605-745-8924

ER: 605-745-8925

Hospital: 605-745-8926

Seven Sisters Living Center: 605-745-3466

Rehabilitation: 605-745-8921


Email Us

For a more detailed listing of departments and their extension numbers, please refer to our Personnel Directory page.

Contact Us

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