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Fall River Health Services Department Personnel and Extension Numbers:


Administrator: Jeremy Schultes 2309

Administrative Assistant: Julie Jones-Whitcher 2301

Behavioral Health Scheduling: Jill Webster 2308

Billing/Patient Accounts: 2400

Care Coordinator/Discharge Planner: Kim Crawford 2157

Patient Access Manager: Cassia Jirsa 2811

Chief Financial Officer: Jesse Naze 2302

Clinic Manager: Rachelle Butler, RN 2355

Clinic Scheduling: 2342

Communications and Provider Relations Manager: Ronda Neugebauer 2307

Compliance Manager: Renae Staley, RN 2853

Dietary Supervisor: Tracy Buckley 1008

Director of Acute Care: Alicia Kunz, RN 2179

Director of Environmental Services: Mike Medley 2639

Director of Growth Initiatives: Mark East 2317

Director of Human Resources, Compliance and Informatics: Allison Sylte 2329

Director of Outpatient Services: Ed Pellicotte 2436

Emergency Department Nurse Manager: Laree Haskvitz, RN 2182

Healthcare Information Manager: Deb Watts 2313

Hospital Acute Care Nurse Manager: Lisa McPherson, RN 2181

Human Resources Manager: Vacant

Imaging Manager: Ed Pellicotte 2436

Information Technology Manager: Dustin Kleinsasser 2609

Laboratory Manager: April Olstad 2417

Purchasing Agent: Chad Halls 2649

Hospital Nurse's Station 2131

Pharmacy Manager: Alex Ogren 2422

Rehabilitation Manager: Ryan Cathcart, OT 2339

Revenue Cycle Manager: Lindsey Elliot 1013

Surgery Nurses Station 2505

Seven Sisters Living Center Department Personnel and Extension Numbers:

Long Term Care Administrator: Jeremy Schultes 2309

Director of Long Term Care: Dawn Hurney, RN 2315

Resident Care Manager: Heidi Keller, RN 1016

Social Services: Brenda Gaudsmith 1004

Patient Accounts: Edith Rosaaen 2781

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