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Personnel Directory

Administrative Officers

Credentialed Physicians

Fall River Health Services Department Personnel and Extension Numbers:


Administrator CEO: Nicky Gilbertson: 2309

Administrative Assistant: Julie Jones-Whitcher: 2301

Behavioral Health Nurse: Megan Curran: 2775

Care Coordinator/Discharge Planner: Kim Crawford: 2157

Central Registration/Scheduling: Katie Fiscus: 2811

Chief Financial Officer: Jesse Naze: 2302

Clinic Manager: Mark East: 2317

Clinic Scheduling: 2342

Compliance Manager: Chad Botsford 2852

Dietary Supervisor: Tracy Buckley: 1008

Director of Outpatient Services: Shelly Gardner: 2429

Director of Environmental Services: Mike Medley: 2639

Director of Human Resources: Tamera Medley: 2328

Director of Human Resources, Compliance and Informatics: Allison Sylte: 2329

Director of Patient Care Services: Mark East: 2317

Healthcare Information Manager: Deb Watts: 2313

Hospital Nurse Manager: Alicia Kunz: 2179

Imaging Manager: Ed Pellicotte 2436

Information Technology: Dustin Kleinsasser: 2609

Laboratory Manager: April Olstad: 2417

Purchasing Agent: Chad Halls: 2649

Hospital Nurse's Station: 2131

Pharmacy Manager: Shelly Gardner: 2429

Rehabilitation Manager: Lisa Thompson: 2339

Surgery Nurses Station: 2505

Seven Sisters Living Center Department Personnel and Extension Numbers:

Long Term Care Administrator: Dustin Kleinsasser: 2609

Long Term Care Director of Nursing: Heidi Koffler: 1016

Social Services: Brenda Rossow: 1004

Patient Accounts: Lindsey Elliott: 1013


Fall River Health Services is a non-profit corporation of professional team members committed to excellent, quality and patient focused healthcare for the whole person. We provide for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the individual, family, and significant others. We are committed to our patients, employees and our public.